No sleep.

Once again, insomnia has taken over. I used to have control over it. Going to bed on time and waking up early; just the way I like it. I hate being awake this late.. Early? At this point it’s kind of like, “what else is there to do at this time?” It’s only like 2AM. I’m not even a little tired. I know my Saturday is going to be ruined. I’ll probably sleep all day and be awake again all night. If I sleep at all, which I didn’t last night. I should renew my prescription sleeping pills. I haven’t needed them for a long time.

Maybe I’ll paint my nails. I didn’t want to paint them so late because I hate waking up with the texture of my sheets embedded in my nail polish. It’s so annoying. Right now, I’m watching a movie. Usually, movies make me sleepy, but now it’s just for entertainment. Music never helps me sleep, it just makes my mind wander.

I thought that gif set was pretty funny. Sometimes, I feel like the Samantha of my group of friends. That was random, but true. Well, I’m trying to be sleepy. It’s not really working. I’ve had like three cups of different versions of Sleepytime tea and.. Nothing! I’ve tried laying down and convincing myself that I’m falling asleep, it doesn’t work. So, what’s the most logical thing for me to do? Blog? Oh yes, that makes sense. It’s getting to the point where I feel like I’m seeing things out of the corner of my eye. It’s tough going two days without sleep. You start to feel a little stir-crazy and then it’s all zombie. Your body just wants to be asleep, but your mind refuses to let you. It’s like  being trapped in your own mind.

Have you ever just had an ADHD moment where so many things pop into mind at once? I feel like my mind is in a million places right now.

Another sassy/sexual post of Samantha. Okay, so now I’ve run out of things to talk about. I think I’ll start another post when I can  think of something. I’m sure it won’t take me long to think of a crazy, stupid, unorganized thought process to type out.


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